Hey there!

I'm an advertising expert from Germany.

People sometimes give me money because I call myself a freelance creative director and copywriter, with a bit of social media sprinkled on top. This is not entirely a figment of my imagination; I did indeed lead integrated campaigns and social media for brands you might have heard of. They were okay.

I specialize in the esports industry – this type of work I usually deliver through my wololo imprint. I've been around for quite some time (in fact, I made my first #esportsmoney more than 16 years ago). During this time, I managed a team, ran a league and helped companies enter the space. Fun times!

As to be expected from a narcissistic millenial, I also dabble into other areas of self-expression, namely electronic music and deejaying. This does not fill the existential void inside of me but it allows me to treat vinyl record purchases as a business expense. (Not really, though...)

I just got this domain so that I could have a fancy e-mail address, but thanks for dropping by anyway. Feel free to connect with me on the platform that best suits your intentions: LinkedIn to potentially work with me, Twitter to occasionally be reminded that I exist, or Instagram if you ever want to hang out. And if you actually have a project in mind, don't hesitate to e-mail me!